High quality illustration of the Flag of the Netherlands waving in the wind.
Flag of South Korea

Netherlands-Korea Bicycle Donation Ceremony

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

On 26, 27, 28 and 29 September, the Netherlands’ Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, together with a large business delegation, visited South Korea. Part of the visit included donating 220 bicycles to the city. Bicycles are a common point of interest that both the Netherlands and the city of Seoul have. Therefore, the Dutch Embassy came up with the initiative to donate bicycles to the Seoul Metropolitan Government to use in its Public Bike Rental System. The bicycles will have orange accents and will have the logo of the company that donated the bike and a symbol combining ‘Seoul Bike’ Logo and Dutch National Flag. The bicycles were donated by the support of the Dutch business community in South Korea. On behalf of the board we would like to thank the following parties for their donation:

ING Bank Seoul NV (75)
Philips (50)
Akzonobel (40)
ASML (20)
DSM (10)
Shell (10)
KLM (10)
TMF (4)
DBCK (1)

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