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DBCK Membership

The DBCK has an interesting mix of members ranging from middle management to senior positions, from banking to logistics, from first-time to seasoned expatriates, and from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

The DBCK invites you to become a member if you:

  • Are a Dutch national residing in Korea,
  • Have another nationality but work for a Dutch company or joint venture,
  • Have another charachteristic that links you with Korea and The Netherlands.
About DBCK membership:
  • Membership can be applied for by using the below button or by sending an e-mail to: DBCK with all relevant details including your contact details.
  • The spoken and written language is English.
  • The membership fee annually is KRW 100,000 per person and grants you free entrance to all events of the DBCK (approx. 5 events per year).
  • The season runs from September to June the following year.
  • Members are encouraged to participate in regular events by sharing their experiences, suggesting events, speakers, etc.

What does membership bring you?

  • Being part of a great network of Dutch citizens residing in Korea and other nationals working with Dutch employers. 
  • Free entrance to all events of the DBCK.
  • The DBCK aims to organize five events a year. 

Participate in events as a non-member:

  • It is possible to join DBCK events as a non-member for the estimated fee of KRW 30,000 per event.
  • On events with a limited capacity, members will have priority over non-members for registration.
Become a member