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Flag of South Korea

Company visit; Incheon Airport

DBCK members were invited to a unique visit of Incheon International Airport Corp. (IIAC).The 15 members started with a presentation by CEO Mr Lee Jae Hee, who passionately explained the 2010 vision of World Best Air Hub (World-class logistics, 2nd phase construction, Air City Development, Global culture & leadership, Strategic networking with partners).They also got a tour and a taste of the bagage handling facilities where (in phase 1) more than 3,000 drives and 20 km of conveyors have been installed.Finally, a smell of the tarmac (and kerosine), where they got “up close and personal” with the KLM Boeing 747-400 as it was prepared for push-off to Amsterdam.The whole event was organised by Max Smits and Mr Lee of Air France (who actually speaks perfect English with a hint of a French accent) and a team from IIAC to whom we are very grateful. Our resident photographer Tjeerd left some really good pictures for you to browse. 

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