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We provide an interesting network for entrepreneurs and companies who need business support, advice or want to expand their network. Join our online community for peer networking plus matchmaking, lobbying and educational services.
  • Membership Requirements
  • Membership Contribution
  • Membership Application
  • In order to become a DBCK member one has to comply with the following requirements:

    • Having the Dutch nationality or speaking Dutch and having business interests in South Korea or
    • Collaborating with Dutch groups or having Dutch clients who perform commercial activities in South Korea (thus Dutch citizenship or speaking Dutch is not a requisite in this case, in fact, English is our official language).


    NB: persons who live outside South Korea may also register as members of the DBCK if they, their companies, or their clients perform professional or business activities in South Korea.

    Use the button below to register as a member.


  • In the event that your membership request has been honored, you will be requested to pay an annual contribution of KWR TBD (such cost is reduced to KWR TBD for the second representative of your company/firm).

    Annual Membership includes:

    • Invitation for (online) events organized and co-organized by DBCK;
    • Access to the association’s network, including the online private DBCK member directory;
    • Support of DBCK to obtain direct contact with key decision makers, professionals, and  influencers;
    • Invitation for round tables;
    • Possibility to speak at events and co-organize events;
    • Exclusive access to:
      • Share your company name, logo, and company description within the DBCK member directory;
      • Post your job offer online or request DBCK assistance to be put in contact with potential candidates.

    Apply and send an email to the DBCK or press the button below to apply online.


  • In order to apply for membership, please send an e-mail to: DBCK. We then will provide you with an application form that allows you to indicate what information you wish to be shown on the private and public parts of the website.

    If you wish, you may also send us your photo and the logo of your enterprise, which we will then publish on the DBCK website together with your other data.

    Apply and send your email to the DBCK or press the button below and fill in an online form.

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