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Flag of South Korea

DHV and SamAn advising the government on the Kyung in Canal for shipping.

DHV and SamAn formed a consortium to conduct a feasibility study regarding the use of the Kyung-in Canal for shipping. This canal, used as drainage to combat flooding, could be extended to form a link between the Han river and Incheon Harbour thus offering even better drainage facilities as well as a canal for inland shipping. Much of the resources (containers, steel, energy, chemicals etc.) are currently shipped to Pusan, Ilsan and Gwanyang while most of the demand is in and around Seoul. Waterway transportation would offer a cheaper, environmentaly friendlier solution, as well as relieve Seoul of heavy traffic and polution.

Henk Klomp, Project Manager at DHV explained the project and challenges as well as the approach DHV took. An interesting evening that was hosted in the newly renovated business centre of the Hyatt Hotel.

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