High quality illustration of the Flag of the Netherlands waving in the wind.
Flag of South Korea

Season’s closing event: Hilton Hotel

After almost 3 years in the Board of the DBCK, Garry Pieters (Chairman) and Tjeerd Bosklopper (Treasurer) will be leaving Korea. Good excuse for a drink.At this closing event of the season, Garry reiterated another year with highlights including visits to Hyundai Heavy Industries and Incheon Airport. This was also a year with even more membership participation which helped create such spectacular opportunities.In addition, the website is popular amongst members and ‘browsers’ as evidenced by 1,000 – 1,500 hits per month. According to statistics, quite a number of CVs have been posted and circulated which resulted in a number of young Dutch and Dutch/korean people finding employment in Korea. In another ‘first’, the mug-book was appreciated by all existing and prospective members.Garry gave a big “thank you” for the wonderful support that we continued to receive from the Embassy staff and his excellence Mr & Mrs Radinck van Vollenhoven.Finally he introduced the new team that now includes:Taco Stoppels (Royal Netherlands Embassy)Joost van Beveren (Secretary – succeeds Walter Moone)Huw Howels (Treasurer – replaces Tjeerd Bosklopper)Walter Moone (Vice Chairman – succeeds Max Smits)Max Smits (replaces Garry Pieters)The evening was concluded with watching the Dutch soccer team win 1-0 from Serbia-Montenegro, a fitting and deserved close of another DBCK season.

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