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Flag of South Korea

Lotte World Behind the Scene

On April 3rd a small group of the DBCK visited LotteWorld amusement park.
After an introduction about the Lotte complex at the LotteWorld academy the DBCK members got a tour through the park.
After witnessing the Parade we went to the maintenance area of the trains for the French Connection. There we received an explanation about the maintenance procedures and safety issues for this biggest roller coaster at LotteWorld.
The Pharaoh’s fury, the newest attraction, was tried and enjoyed by the members. After this journey through Egypt there were still a few dye hard’s who made use of the “Gyro Drop”. Fall down 70 meters in 2 sec’s.
The last part of the tour was a visit to the Folk museum. A walk through the history of Korea
After the close out meeting at this museum the members went their own way.

Again an enjoyable event of the DBCK.

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